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Seniors & Isolation – why we need to spend time with our elders!

  Isolation and loneliness are not new when it comes to the senior demographic, but it’s not talked about enough. There are a number of factors which have contributed to a proliferation of this, especially in North America.   We recently came across an article which highlighted a very heartbreaking story about a 90-year old […]


Senior Care Changes from the Wettlaufer Tragedy

  For anyone who missed it, earlier this year a tragic act of misconduct was performed by a former Ontario nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer. Wettlaufer recently pleads guilty to 8 charges of killing senior citizens in her care. You can watch her full confessional here.   For obvious reasons, this case has been very concerning to […]

Fighting Against Ageism

  Ageism is defined as prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age. When it comes to seniors, ageism can be more prominent when compared to the younger generation, nevertheless, a lot of opportunities live within the older generation that should not be overlooked.  Technology changes on a daily basis. Even industry experts can […]


How Senior Choice in Nutrition Can Assist in Coping with Dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s society of Canada, “Nutrition can influence our risk of developing dementia and our chances of ‘living well with dementia’ if diagnosed with the disease.” Factors which play into the importance of senior nutrition are healthy brain development earlier in life, obesity in midlife, long term gradual weight loss and difficulty in […]


3 Reasons Why Senior Nutrition Should Matter to YOU

  Nutrition should be something that matters in your own life, for various reasons, but it should also matter that seniors are getting or receiving proper, nutritious meals and programs. Here are 3 reasons senior nutrition should matter to you.   Required Medications According to NCOA, approximately 92% of older adults have at least one […]


Why Tech Companies & the Healthcare Industry CAN Go Hand-in-Hand

  Like most tech companies, Continyou Care was founded with the idea that it would solve an issue that currently exists in the world by revolutionizing current processes via a new technology.   We identified a niche area where we felt we could truly make an impact for the better while also maintaining a successful […]

A Response to CBC: Using Technology for the Better and Continuing to Care

  As we enter in the New Year, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the changes that have occurred in our everyday lives over the past decade when it comes to technology. The potential negative side of this technology boom was captured in a recent CBC article, which discussed the need for […]

3 Ways Technology Has Improved Healthcare

  New innovations in healthcare are more and more common with the advancements in technology. It goes without saying, technology is improving our everyday life as it is making data and tools much more accessible. The healthcare industry, in particular, has improved from the moment you feel ill to actually seeking medical attention. In this article, we […]