7 Companies Looking Out For Seniors

Baby Boomers account for a significant portion of our current population and we will continue to have seniors into our futures. Many established businesses and new startups are recognizing the lack of support and representation for senior citizens and their caregivers or families.

The following 7 companies put seniors first, building a product to help the day to day life of a senior. Take a look at their website … who knows, this might be a service you’ve been looking for, for a loved one.

  1. Seniors without walls

    Senior Center Without Walls began in 2004 with the goal of providing a community for isolated seniors. What started with two groups and eight seniors has grown into a program that reaches approximately 1000 seniors throughout the United States. Seniors participate in groups via telephone and computer from the comfort of their own homes.

    Website: https://www.seniorcenterwithoutwalls.org/

  2. Safety Labs.org

    Safety Labs, an Ottawa-based company, was created with a single objective – to provide a cost-effective safety solution that is accessible to everyone, everywhere.
    Thus, Safety Labs created Anchor–a safety platform that is capable of growing in intelligence, safety benefits, and comprehensiveness. Anchor provides a cost-effective, simple and comprehensive health and safety solution by making use of existing technologies that you already use every day. Using Internet connectivity, smartphones and ubiquitous cloud servers and wireless technologies, Anchor provides you and your loved ones with continuous safety by integrating seamlessly into your daily life.

    Website: https://safetylabs.org/

  3. Stitch

    Stitch was started two years ago by Andrew Dowling and Marcie Rogo to address social isolation among older adults. The site, which now has 50,000 members in 50 cities worldwide, connects boomers and seniors so they can socialize, travel, make friends and find companions. It’s based on a subscription service which costs $80 per year or $15 per month.

    Website: https://www.stitch.net/

  4. AgeWell Biometrics

    The startup uses wearables and sensors to detect the risk of a person falling, said Joshua Wies. The app-based system alerts a person and healthcare professionals to potential risks of falls. The data can then be used to take action to prevent falls.

    Website: http://agewellbiometrics.com/


  5. Senior Move Success

    This company helps seniors move into assisted living or independent housing where they can age in place. Founder Caryl Siems said the company has 16 employees, and the company is founded on a commitment to understanding senior’s needs. “Perhaps the most important thing we do is listen,” Siems said.

    Website: http://www.seniorsmoving.com/

  6. Friendly Beds

    For many people just getting in or out of bed (and repositioning in bed) is their biggest mobility challenge and our Friendly Bed system can be the perfect solution. Friendly Beds are ideal for the mobility issues of Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, neuropathy, frailty, etc. – offering individuals with a reasonable level of independence and ability to maintain that independence as long as possible. Friendly Beds offer increased independence and critical assistance to elderly and disabled people. These beds are affordable solutions for keeping yourself, or someone you love, safe at home as long as possible (also applies to independent and assisted living).
    Website: https://www.billrayhomemobility.com/friendly-beds


    & last but definitely not least …

  7. ContinYou Care

    Of course, we couldn’t have a post about senior care without including our services for seniors. We offer a meal service management platform and analytics tool built to help healthcare staff better serve patients and home care residents. ContinYou Care allows seniors to have control and input into the food and meal plan they have whilst taking into consideration their dietary restrictions and personal preferences.

    Features include;
    – Reduced wait times
    – Meal Preferences
    – Dietary and Nutrition Alerts
    – Multilingual Solution

    Website: http://continyoucare.com/


These companies all focus on senior care and have made that a priority. We love seeing companies do good while giving back to the community. Thank you to all of these companies for the difference you make in everyone’s life.

Thank you!

February: A Short Month of Large Milestones

In the short month of February, we’ve accomplished some large things! We are so happy to announce that we’ve officially processed over 1,000,000 million meals with our ContinYou Care platform!

Continyou-Care-Launch-2-700x345We have also reached our three year anniversary with Tendercare Living Center to which we were installed in February of 2014. We have been a solution for their residents since 2014 and are happy to report that residents have responded so well to the technology. We are excited to watch the service improve and to offer more and more for their residents.

Read more on Menyou here: http://buff.ly/2lLDQS3

We’d like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who supports and has been involved with us over the years – we are truly grateful!

To many more milestones!

Revera Inc. Lists ContinYou Care Part Of Innovation Den

We are very excited to announce that Continyou Care was listed as part of the Innovation Den by Revera Inc.!

Revera is committed to helping seniors live life to the fullest and is focused on innovation to improve the aging experience. The company created the Revera Innovators in Aging revera-logo program to allow entrepreneurs to test new products, services, and technologies through pilots at Revera communities. The program executes two pilot cycles per year with up to five Innovators in Aging and a number of Revera’s long-term care homes and retirement communities participating in each cycle.



Congratulations to the other innovators recognized by Revera Sensassure, WalkJoy, Inc., Geko Device and Carely.

Click here to read more about Revera Inc. 

ContinYou Care: A Finalist for ie Venture Day

On November 30, ContinYou Care presented as a finalist for #ieVentureDay in Toronto. We are so excited to have been selected as part of the final 5. It was a great day filled with amazing speakers and presentations!

continyoucare-1 continyoucare-2 continyucare-3 continyucare-4

Congratulations to BizXPro and to all other finalists – great work: Pro Jack, Shapetrace, Heads Up, noq, and Cypress Umbrella.

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