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Why Using Continyou Care’s Integrated Platform For Senior Living Will Improve Resident Satisfaction And Your Bottom Line

Posted on February 17, 2021 by Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, our constantly expanding solution is built to serve multiple purposes – all with your resident and staff’s satisfaction in mind. Not only can you have happier staff and residents, but you can also reduce costs and increase revenue. Let us explain! 

  1. Leverage Data To Decrease Costs and Increase Resident Satisfaction

    Senior homes are complex organizations that require lots of data to run efficiently. Many homes are not putting this data to its best use! Our solution allows you to drive your business forward with intelligent data by providing you with useful insights on food and beverage management, activity preferences, and maintenance requests. You will discover subtle changes that you could make to your menu, for example, that would save you money by decreasing food wastage because you can better tailor your menu to suit the preferences of the residents at your home.  This could also apply to tracking the type of activities that are high in demand at a home so that maybe more time slots could be opened up for more popular activities.

  2. Increase Revenue Through Auxiliary Services

    Our integrated platform will allow you to tap into new revenue streams. You can easily incorporate services and track revenue for services like spa, salon and tuck shops. Our platform will also closely monitor all activity that takes place around your new revenue streams, improve your bottom line and subsequently ensure a high level of resident satisfaction.  

  3. Sharing Information With Residents Through Digital Signage

    We can help you take these new auxiliary services, and market them to your own residents through our Digital Signage solution.  This includes the menu for the day, new daily activities, a new spa service or the latest revolving gift shop offerings.  Your staff can quickly and efficiently update information that is to appear on your Digital Signage screens with just an internet connection and access to a browser (as it is cloud-based)!

At Continyou Care, we are fully immersed in the Senior Home industry (unlike our competitors who operate in other spaces) and are always on the hunt for new products/features that we can add to our platform so we can be proactive (vs reactive) to ensuring that our clients have the tools they need to create a great experience for both staff and residents alike.  For more information on how an integrated platform for senior living can improve your home, check out our product page here.