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Recognizing the community – senior homes and charities doing nice things!

Posted on September 24, 2018 by Continyou Care

At ContinYou Care, our mission has always been to make the elderly’s lives in senior homes as comfortable and dignified as possible. This is why we have compiled this feel-good list of senior homes and charities that are working together to make seniors lives happier!

  1. UniversalCare Foundation
    One of ContinYou Care’s clients is Universal Care and they have the UniversalCare Foundation which does a lot of great work giving back to the communities and the environment. One example of this is the work they did getting involved in the Mackenzie Health Foundation raising a record all-time high of $275,000.UniversalCare has also been involved in other community events such as:
    – Raising funds For Villa Colombo Vaughan allowing them to continue to provide exceptional cultural sensitive care
    – Richview Manor’s 5km Walk and Run for York Region’s District Stroke Program
    – York Central Hospital Foundation
    – Breast Cancer Walks

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  2. Ottawa Senior Pride Network
    Ottawa Senior Pride Network is a volunteer network run by a group of LGBT seniors (50+), with a vision to end prejudice of LGBT seniors and help LGBT seniors feel more comfortable whether living privately or in care homes. They also run workshops for staff at senior homes and care facilities about how to treat LGBT seniors, after an online consultation showed that 52% of LGBT seniors feared being “forced back into the closet” if they entered care facilities. They are doing fantastic work ensuring that whatever their sexual orientation, seniors feel comfortable, safe and happy in their senior home.

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  3. Regina Human Society’s Pet Therapy Program
    Who doesn’t love pets? It has been proven countless times that some time with a cat or dog, among other animals, lower our stress levels. Well, the Regina Human Society pairs its homeless sheltered animals with volunteers who then go and visit senior care homes. In fact, over 100 volunteers accomplish an impressive 450 visits a year, visiting over 40 locations with cats, dogs, and rabbits! The results are thrilled seniors, many of home are not able to own their own pets due to being in senior housing. It can be a great boost to their mental well-being.

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  4. The Intergenerational Program at Youville Residence in Vancouver
    Every so often, around half a dozen children visit the Youville Residence long-term care facility in Vancouver. Kristina Yang, the Montessori Children’s Community Administrator, explains that –
    “Even if there is not a lot of communication with words you can see the beautiful smiles on everyone’s face. Many of the children come to know a lot of the seniors and when they pass by our window they’ll be excited waving and saying ‘hi’.”
    Whether it be through organized crafts, or the seniors reading to the younger kids, the 95-year-age difference in one case makes little difference to the enjoyment of all involved. It creates lasting relationships and combats senior loneliness as well as creating friendships for the children. Many communities in Canada are now employing programs such as this one, realizing the benefits for both seniors and children alike.

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*Featured image credited to Mackenzie Health Foundation.