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Is Your Home Ready for Tableside Meal Ordering?

Posted on February 27, 2020 by Continyou Care

We discuss some of the key benefits of the Continyou Care platform including the core tableside meal ordering feature.

Better resident experience

By introducing tableside meal ordering, you are offering a better experience for your residents. Food is ONLY prepared when ordered, which allows residents to receive their food faster and fresher. Instead of servers having to write down orders and walk them over to the kitchen to start the order, the servers can send them to the kitchen right away via the iPad which allows the kitchen staff to begin the work of prepping meals quickly while the servers can continue to engage with the residents.

Reducing food wastage costs by thousands of $

Food wastage is a large problem in Canada. We throw away far too much food due to inaccurate forecasting, which results in terrible food wastage, especially in senior homes. The Continyou Care solution allows for accurate forecasting thanks to having access to historical consumption data.  The more the system is used, the more data is stored and the better your forecasting becomes. This data can help minimize your food wastage and lower your costs by tens of thousands of dollars a year

Elminate show plates!

The use of show plates is an unnecessary contributor to food wastage. There are other more effective ways to show residents what the available food choices are. Our platform allows you to ditch expensive and wasteful show plates while keeping your residents visually informed on exactly what their meal options are.

Reduce employee turnover by making their jobs easier

The Continyou Care platform helps keep your staff happy, too. Our solution allows for orders to be taken quickly and sent to the kitchen with ease, reducing stress on your staff. Real-time data and results mean that your staff are better informed allowing them to answer questions from residents with confidence. Happy residents = happy staff, which results in much lower turnover with staff!

“Together We Care” 2020 Conference

We have a booth at the Together We Care 2020 conference in Toronto on Mar. 31st and April. 1st this year and we would love to see you there!  Come see us at this huge gathering of long-term care and retirement community professionals to find out how our solution can help save you money, improve your resident’s lives, and keep your staff happy as well!