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Four Fun Fall Activities To Do With Seniors/Grandparents

Posted on August 20, 2018 by Continyou Care

With fall just around the corner, the Continyou Care team wants to ensure that Canadian seniors make the most out of warm weather before winter arrives! With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 4 fun fall activities that you can do with your grandparents or the seniors in your life.

Trail walks

Trail walks are a fantastic way of making the most of the beautiful fall scenery and the last of the warm weather. Also, the light exercise that is entailed in a trail walk is an ideal way of getting seniors out and keeping them healthy and fit. Of course, be aware of their current fitness level before embarking on a trail and remember to take a phone and plenty of water.

Apple picking

Fall is a great time to go apple picking and many farms will allow you to pick your own and then pay for the apples you want to take home. Take your time as the experience can be relaxing and therapeutic; it does not have to be hard work! The best bit – you and the senior in your life get fresh, tasty fruit to eat at the end of it.

Fall fairs

For the more active senior, fall fairs can be great fun (we’re not suggesting they try all the rides, unless they’re up for it of course!). They’re also a stimulating environment with lots of colours, noises and people.  It is an exciting change from either a retirement home or from sitting inside. Depending on age, it may be best to go earlier in the day before it gets too busy!

Visit your local museum

Here in Canada, we’re blessed with an endless number of awesome museums spanning nearly every topic and time period. Depending on where you’re based, you might be near one that the senior in your life finds particularly appealing. Make sure to give them a choice of where they would like to go! Visiting a museum is a fantastic way of keeping their brain stimulated while having an enjoyable time.

Have fun

Remember, it’s important for seniors and grandparents to have fun and engage in activities they enjoy. Much has been said of the recent elderly loneliness epidemic in Canada, and you may not realize how beneficial it is for the mental and physical wellbeing for the senior in your life, to take them out for the day for one of these activities. At Continyou Care, we don’t believe that seniors should be forgotten about, and should maintain a healthy, fun life where possible.

Continyou Care

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