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Emerging Technology in Senior Homes

Posted on September 16, 2020 by Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, we’re always looking to the future and wondering how technology can improve a resident’s experience in a senior home. We’ve seen massive changes over the last few years with how technology has improved the lives of residents.  In this blog post, we’re further exploring emerging technology that is already changing the lives of residents.

Wearable Technology

We believe wearable technology will become a necessity in senior homes as the possibilities are endless.  Applications include checking-in to rooms and activities, monitoring health and nutrition, alerting loved ones instantly, and staying connected while offering independence back to residents.

Here are three simple ways of introducing wearable technology that’s simple to operate, can benefit our seniors:

  1. Connection: Wearable technology allows seniors to stay in contact with their loved ones 24/7 while also offering peace of mind for their loved ones knowing that they are a button away. 
  2. Personalization: Similarly to Continyou Care’s mission to bring personalized options to residents, wearable technology can promote individuality with settings, goals, and behaviors. 
  3. Independence: Moving to a senior home may shake up seniors routine with daily check-ins and a fixed schedule. Wearable technology allows seniors to feel in control again. 

Most importantly, wearable technology can help monitor the health of residents and ensure that when anomalies are picked up, their wellbeing can be checked on immediately.

We’re excited to see how wearable technology and companies like Reemo Health impact senior lives for the better.

Virtual Reality

We’re enthusiastic about the use of VR in senior homes. Companies like Rendever hope to use VR to help seniors fight depression and isolation during their stay, by helping them relive their own memories, reconnect and “engage with the world in ways they never thought possible”. Additionally, they want to reinspire by helping to “create new friendships through the power of shared experience, all while providing unforgettable moments and stories that residents and their families will remember forever.

VR, being such a new concept and technology, has a huge amount of untapped potential. Imagine residents being able to travel the world or play a sport while being in the comfort of their room. We’re certainly excited to see how it can be used in the senior home space as more and more senior homes show a willingness to invest in emerging technology like this.

Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, we believe we’re part of the forefront of the technological innovation that is taking place across senior homes in Canada. For more information on how we’re humanizing the experience senior homes across Canada while being a one-stop-shop for their technology needs, book a demo with us today!