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3 Reasons You Need A POS For Your Retirement Home

Posted on March 19, 2023 by Continyou Care

A point of sale is a fantastic tool for your retirement home. It can help you save time, money, and improve the lives of your staff and residents. It truly can make your life easier. However, not all POS systems are built equally. A great POS for the restaurant or hotel industry will not work optimally for the retirement home industry. That is why it’s essential to look for a bespoke system such as Continyou Care, whose technology is tailored specifically for the retirement home industry.

1. Create A Safe & Welcoming Environment For Residents

The traditional “pen & paper” method may still have its place in some areas of your retirement home, but the dining room is not one of them. Busy dining rooms with lots of residents rely on speed and accuracy. Often, mistakes are made because of ineligible writing or pressure to get things done quickly. These mistakes can cause delays in the kitchen, or at worst, medical emergencies due to a resident eating food they’re allergic to or that reacts with their medication. With a POS system, resident profiles mean allergies and other dietary requirements are clearly flagged and there’s no chance of ineligible handwriting!

Not only that, but seamlessly communicating information with the kitchen allows staff to spend more time with the residents and the kitchen staff more time cooking – a win-win. But it’s not only the kitchen staff that benefit here but also operations staff such as those working in finance who are able to easily track data and ensure all resident’s profiles are charged accordingly for billable items, without mistakes!

2. Make Staff Recruiting & Retention Easier

A shortage of staff and an industry with high turnover mean that you want to appeal to the new generation of care and retirement home staff that are moving into the workforce. This new generation of staff will be used to technology either from previous roles or from school. If your home is not using technology, odds are, you’re making their job harder than it needs to be. In an era where staff have the choice of where to work, you need to stand out above the rest. A POS which allows staff to easily provide a personalized experience to residents allows you to do just that. Also, it makes the onboarding process easier for new staff, as they can learn the system in one shift, as in the words of Gary O’Brien from Jarlette – “If they can use a phone, they can use Continyou Care.”

3. Collecting Data To Improve Profitability

A POS system that collects data about your residents and their dining habits not only improves their experience by ensuring you have the correct amounts of the foods the residents want to eat but improves your experience as well! Accurate data means that you do not overspend on items, preventing wastage and helping your finances.

By getting a better insight into what residents actually want, and how they want to spend their time, you create an overall more positive experience and make your staff’s lives easier. This understanding helps create that wonderful experience for residents which involves a great “human” experience when connecting and chatting with the staff!

Continyou Care

Continyou Care’s POS system offers a bespoke feature list – perfectly tailored for your retirement home. Save money by not paying for tools and features that you’ll never use. Check out our products page for more information!