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3 Reasons Why Retirement Homes Must Bring a Hospitality Lens to The Resident Experience

Posted on November 18, 2022 by Continyou Care

1. Hospitality prioritizes the resident experience

In the hospitality industry, the aim is to offer the guest the best experience possible. Why shouldn’t retirement homes be doing the same? By placing the resident’s experience at the centre, we can see all the other things needed to make that experience great. But focusing on the resident does not mean neglecting the staff. Your staff should be happy and able to provide the best and most hospitable experience possible. If they are given these tools (such as technology which decreases their chances of making a mistake and increases their time able to interact with residents, such as the Continyou Care solution) staff can provide world-class service in turn allowing the resident to have the best experience possible.

2. Hospitality considers technology to be important

The hospitality industry considers those small changes that can improve the wellbeing of residents. For example, hotels quickly realized the importance of WiFi connectivity within their properties. Guests do not want to suddenly become disconnected when they arrive for their stay, and most will avoid hotels that do not have WIFI. Even budget hotels tend to add WIFI as an option at the minimum, and most people will pay for it. What is the difference when it comes to retirement homes? Seniors are more connected with technology than ever. COVID-19 pushed a higher percentage of seniors to adopt technology, as it became a way to stay in touch with loved ones and look after themselves. Do you think they want to give up this technology when they move into their retirement homes? It’s important to consider these things if you want people to consider you as a viable option when it comes to their retirement residence.

3. Hospitality recognizes the importance of resident wellness & engagement

With more seniors interested in activities and their own social wellness than ever, retirement homes can improve their hospitality by increasing the engagement of their residents within their homes through the use of technology. For example, the Continyou Care solution allows you to market events on digital screens in real-time, with the ability to make updates at short notice. It also allows residents to sign-up to activities digitally while the reporting helps you keep track of who and how many people are interested in what activities.  This will improve both the residents and staff’s experiences, while allowing you to prioritise spending money on activities that residents actually WANT to do.

Continyou Care

The Continyou Care solution may be the missing piece you need to improve operations at your retirement home and attract new residents to increase occupancy while saving you money in the process. Create a more hospitality-centric experience at your retirement home by having a conversation with us.

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