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5 Reasons Your Retirement Home Needs Digital Signage

Posted on March 19, 2018 by Continyou Care

Digital Signage is significantly changing the way the public views information and receives real-time information. Many businesses such as restaurants and retail establishments have converted their signage to digital screens and tablets. There are a number of reasons why a retirement home would benefit from modernizing their signage and internal communication methods.

1. Cost effective and Eco-friendly

Pamphlets and flyers require time to edit and money to print as well as paper and ink which are not renewable resources. Updating your Retirement Home with Digital Signage will not only keep your facility updated and efficient but eco-friendly when it comes to marketing and communication.

2. Always accessible

Need an update or forget what was happening this afternoon at the community center? A short stroll down the hallway or logging into an online portal will provide all of the needed information.

3. Easy to Edit

Let’s be honest, in this day and age- things change and they change quickly. Whether it be activities, menu items or special events communicating a change in schedule can easily be done when using digital screens for signage. When you are using digital signage you are not relying on staff to physically walk to each resident and update or hand out a flyer- which would have had to be updated and printed before delivery.

4. Easy to access

Many residents will leave their personal accommodations at least 3 times per day for meals. If there are screens and internet access for residents, they will see and become aware of any news and updates.

5. Prominent

Flyers and pamphlets are slips of paper that will be easily lost, misplaced and forgotten about. Digital signage in a Retirement home is a constant reminder of updates and news.

Whether it be a special announcement, the menu for the day or daily activities- your staff can quickly update your digital signs with Continyou Care’s digital signage solution.