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The Power of Great Customer Service

Posted on May 29, 2019 by Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, we’re all about developing new solutions in collaboration with our clients in care homes to ensure residents and staff alike have the best experience possible. However, great technology is redundant if residents don’t feel looked after, appreciated and listened too. Let’s talk about the relationship between technology and great customer service!

Customer Service

Why is customer service important? Well, customer service is important because humans prioritize human to human interaction over everything else. Unfortunately, bad experiences are far more memorable than positive experiences, and that’s why it’s important that residents always receive the highest level of customer service available.

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What is “customer service”? Customer service can be anything, within reason of course, that keeps your resident happy in their care home. Getting the basics right is the foundation of good customer service, and that’s where Continyou Care comes in. Our technology helps to prevent costly mistakes – such as preparing and serving the wrong food items to residents. Not only can this frustrate residents as they feel they’re not being listened too or looked after properly, but it can also cause food waste which, in turn, wastes money. A big problem that we’ve seen our platform help homes with is ensuring that residents get their food fresh and warm on a consistent basis (because of the accountability our platform creates).

The basics may be the bedrock of good customer service, but it’s often the little extras that make a resident, and the resident’s family, remember and appreciate how good a care home is. Great customer service can be anything from sitting down after serving a resident’s meal with them for five minutes to have a quick chat, to using technology to update digital boards to let residents know of new activities, to make sure that everyone is included!

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How we can help

Continyou Care products can lay the foundation that you can build your home’s reputation of providing excellent customer service on. Our solutions help you execute the basics with ease by eliminating mistakes, saving you money to spend elsewhere and allowing you to utilize tools such as digital signage.  

Let us focus on the low-value, basic tasks, while your staff focus on providing more attention to residents that customer service from “good” to “great”. Remember, the residents may forget what you did “but people never forget how you made them feel”.

Also, if you want to provide a white glove service to your residents, why shouldn’t the partners you work with feel the same? At Continyou Care, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond with our client partners. Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the customer service you deserve from us, making it easier for you to to provide the high level of customer service your residents deserve!