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Technology Investment: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Continyou Care

We get it, you’re constantly putting out fires at your retirement home, especially with creating a sense of stability around staffing, considering you may not have enough on any given day or you constantly have to get new staff up to speed on your processes & residents.

We, like most of the world, are thankful that things seem to be starting to return to normal post COVID-19. However, things are still challenging in retirement homes. During COVID-19, many key workers, especially older ones themselves, left their positions. This has continued, and the staffing crisis in the senior home industry can make it difficult to provide the great experience that you want for your residents. Attracting new staff is key – but arguably as crucial is keeping them. In this article, we look at how investing in technology can be beneficial.

New workers are faced with an abundance of choices in looking for a community to work in – and their decision is not always based solely on money. Many are looking for a great experience and coming straight out of school where they have often been exposed to the benefits of technology. They will often want to know what solutions are in place to improve the experience for both the staff & residents. In addition to its easy-to-use dining solution which safeguards your residents from errors such as being served foods that they are allergic to, Continyou Care will also improve the experience of a new hire and keep people in your workforce for longer. Happy staff mean happy residents.

But what about the meantime? Perhaps your staff situation is currently a problem, and you want to know how Continyou Care can help immediately. Well, Continyou Care creates more certainty in the type of experience that residents get in the dining room by having a tool for staff to do their job more efficiently, which will help reduce turnover and improve your residents’ experiences. With Continyou Care, if you must bring in staff from different areas of your site, they can be quickly trained and can have the confidence that Continyou Care residents’ profiles mean that they are less likely to make a mistake. This means they can spend more time getting to know the residents and providing top-notch customer service. The “paper-and-pen” process is an old-school method prone to mistakes which can be frustrating for both residents and staff members…why not upgrade?

Again, we understand, that there’s only so much time & attention to focus on the problems at hand.  However, Continyou Care POS+ platform ensures that, for some short-term pain in taking the time to reach out to us, is rewarded with massive long-term gain as our platform improves your staff & resident experience, as well as reduces operational costs and increases revenue. You can check out a demo here!