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Stay Connected: The Family Portal for Seamless Resident Updates

Posted on June 11, 2024 by Continyou Care

In an ideal world, families would visit their loved ones at retirement communities frequently to check in on them, ensuring they are well cared for and content. However, distance, time constraints, and other commitments often make this challenging. Therefore, family members might resort to calling or emailing the home for updates on what a resident ate, the activities they’ve participated in, and their overall well-being. While this method works, it is far from efficient, both for the families and the already busy staff members.

What if there was a better option that homes could offer to the families of residents? An option that provides seamless updates while offloading work from the staff?

Introducing the Family Portal 

Continyou Care‘s Family Portal is a solution designed to keep families connected with their loved ones in retirement communities. This portal offers real-time access to vital information, transforming the way families and staff interact and share updates.

Real-Time Access 

One of the standout features of the  Family Portal is its real-time access. Families can see how their loved ones are doing without waiting for callbacks or email replies. The portal provides updates on things such as dining & activities, ensuring families are always in the loop.

Online Requests 

The Family Portal also offers a convenient online request system. Family members can book meals, request maintenance, and schedule activities for their loved ones. This feature not only empowers families to be more involved but also streamlines the process for the staff, reducing their workload and improving efficiency.

Scheduling Visits 

Keeping the connection strong between residents and their families is crucial. The  Family Portal makes it easier by allowing family members to schedule visits, both virtual and in-person. This feature is especially beneficial for those who live far away or have busy schedules, ensuring they can maintain regular contact with their loved ones.

Easy Integration 

The integration capabilities of the  Family Portal  are another significant advantage. It seamlessly collects information from the  dining ,  recreation , and  maintenance  modules without requiring additional effort from the staff. This integration ensures that the portal is always up to date, providing accurate and timely information to the families.

Benefits of the Family Portal 

For Families: 

Peace of Mind: Families can stay informed about their loved ones’ well-being, activities, and dietary habits in real-time.
Convenience: The ability to make online requests and schedule visits makes staying involved easier than ever.
Engagement: Families can actively participate in the care and daily life of their loved ones, fostering a stronger connection.

For Retirement Communities: 

Efficiency: By reducing the need for staff to handle frequent update requests, the portal allows them to focus more on direct care.
Accuracy: Seamless integration ensures that the information shared with families is always current and correct.
Enhanced Relationships: Facilitating better communication between residents, their families, and the staff leads to a more cohesive community.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with loved ones in retirement communities can be challenging. Continyou Care’s  Family Portal provides an innovative solution that addresses these challenges head-on. By offering real-time access, online requests, visit scheduling, and easy integration, the portal not only keeps families updated but also supports the staff in delivering exceptional care.

Adopting the  Family Portal is a step towards modernizing your community’s communication and care processes, ensuring that families and residents feel closer and more connected than ever before. Embrace this technology to enhance the experience of your residents and their families and make your community a place where care and connectivity go hand in hand. For more information and for a demo of the software, click here.