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Resistance To Change Is Normal And Part of the Path Forward To Making Progress

Posted on October 13, 2023 by Continyou Care

Change can be worrying – this is the same in any industry. As humans, we naturally prefer to work in ways which we feel comfortable and in control of, even if those ways of working are wasting time and money. This is why understanding that resistance to change is normal and is critical to the successful implementation of a new system!

Resistance to Change

Humans are naturally wary of change – but we cannot move forward without change. A great example comes from when Burger King rolled out accepting credit cards in 1983. The biggest complaint was that it was “too slow” which sounds crazy to us today – a society that is becoming more and more “cashless” by the day. Yes, back then you couldn’t tap your card on the reader to make an instant transaction, but without the introduction of credit cards into mainstream retail and hospitality, these advancements in technology wouldn’t have taken place.

Check out the hilarious video of people in 1993 reacting to credit cards being accepted at a burger king!

Overcoming Resistance to Change

There are a few ways of preparing staff for change. It is important to keep staff in the loop – fear of change is often fear of the unknown, and this is only heightened if communication isn’t clear when it comes to implementation dates, what training is accessible, how it will change their job roles, etc. By sharing training material, and communicating openly with staff, you can help mitigate some of these problems.

In addition, explaining the reasons for change, and the positives that change can bring, can help with staff buy-in! For example, with Continyou Care, the system will help streamline orders, allow staff to engage with residents more while ensuring orders are sent to the kitchen, reduce errors, and speed up orders and service. This is great for both staff and residents!

Nevertheless, moving to a POS system such as Continyou Care can still cause some grumbling, especially with people who do not “like” technology or are used to old-fashioned ways of working such as pen & paper. This is why it is important to train and support staff and listen to concerns, and adapt training for individual staff; a “one size fits all approach” is often not the best way of ensuring staff buy-in! Often, just reinforcing the positives such as letting staff know that “if you can use a cell phone, can use Continyou Care”, can be enough to relieve worries about using a “techy” system!

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