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How To Help Dining Staff Provide A Magical Dining Experience In Retirement Homes

Posted on February 14, 2024 by Continyou Care

We all want our residents to have a positive dining experience. Sometimes, what is overlooked is the crucial role that dining staff play in the process and that if your staff are happy, chances are your residents will be too! In this article, we look at how to keep your staff and residents happy at mealtime and provide a magical dining experience!

What do your residents want?

Studies have shown that residents want fresh/made-to-order food, with many options. This can be difficult if the retirement home is unsure of orders ahead of time. With Continyou Care, our solution allows staff to know ahead of time or in real-time exactly what is needed in the kitchen, meaning meals can be cooked to order with less chance of mistakes.

Residents are also interested in meals that cater to specific diets, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, and vegan foods. It can be difficult to monitor which resident has which dietary requirement or preference if this is not maintained in a database. Continyou Care makes it easy for staff to see exactly what each resident’s preferences and requirements are, helping you tailor the correct options for each resident and avoiding costly mistakes.

What do staff want?

Staff want to be able to engage with residents rather than running around constantly from the dining room to the kitchen. A solution like Continyou Care streamlines mealtimes and the process, freeing up staff to provide excellent customer service. Two out of three current and future residents have said that friendly customer service and staff is important when dining out.1 This is an overlooked part of the process, but the most memorable part of the meal will likely be bad service or memories of the stressed-out staff if this is unfortunately the case in your retirement home. Conversely, if they receive amazing service, that will likely be the most memorable part instead!

By using a solution such as Continuous Care, you can streamline the process and also alleviate stressors such as the possibility of staff making a mistake due to not remembering or relying on paper-based solutions for allergens and preferences. By allowing a system or tool such as Continyou Care to take care & streamline the basic tasks, you are freeing up staff to take care of the high-level tasks – such as engaging with residents – where the additional value that can make a retirement home stand out really lies!

Staff also want to know that the whole process won’t fall apart if a member of staff is off sick. During the pandemic, many retirement homes were struggling with low numbers. A solution such as Continyou Care can ensure that even when staff are off, other staff can rely on a trusty system to see them through.

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