How Software and Technology is Changing the Future of Healthcare

Posted on May 21, 2020 by Continyou Care

We recently came across a very fascinating article written by Jorge Conde from Andreessen Horowitz called “Healthcare Has Left The Building”. Medical technology scales from affordable solutions such Continyou Care, to diagnostic instruments used in hospitals that cost millions of dollars. Before hospitals, everything a doctor needed technology-wise was able to be carried in a doctor’s bag, who would often visit you at home if you felt unwell. However, this slowly became an inefficient practice with the increase in technology where the new normal became you first visiting your doctor and then the hospital to be diagnosed.

Recently, a shift has occurred where potential patients are looking for new ways to be diagnosed, instead of following the standard procedures. Places like urgent care clinics and walk-in clinics offer doctors that can treat and diagnose in a more casual setting. Advances such as AI have made it possible to input symptoms into forms on the internet and get personalized recommendations for the next steps. Sticking with the internet, online in-person services have become popular, allowing you to connect with your doctors via video call from your home.

We’re currently seeing a cultural and societal shift back towards the “at-home” method of healthcare, with an added twist of giving a person more control and autonomy over how they search out healthcare services. Of course, hospitals will always have a major place for procedures such as surgeries, but people, in general, are seeking a more personalized care experience.

At Continyou Care, we know that our platform has made many lives easier when it comes to senior homes and long-term care facilities. We’ve used technology to eliminate the “pen-and-paper” process which reduced food wastage costs, enabled better communication within homes and created accountability at a staff level. With technology moving at a fast pace, it looks like our platform is part of a cultural shift in the way healthcare is delivered.

Continyou Care

This move towards people having more control over their healthcare choices also exists in senior homes and care homes. The resident experience definitely has some room to improve in this space.  We are trying to do our part with Continyou Care keep your residents safe while giving them control. For example, with tableside meal ordering, residents can choose what meals they want while our system will notify staff if any of their choices conflicts with any allergies.   Homes are able to generate additional revenue sources (ie. wine sales) and track them seamlessly with our platform.  Our digital signage keeps residents informed of what’s happening at homes including notifications, activity schedules and so much more.  If you’re interested in booking a demo of our solution, please reach out!