Canada’s First ‘Village’ for People with Dementia

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, we have a focus on using technology to improve seniors experiences in care homes. As such, we were quite excited when we were presented with an opportunity to work with Canada’s first ‘village’ for people with dementia, which you can read more about here. This ‘village’ features technology such as a “wander management system” which can be used to keep staff informed if their residents get close to the fences, while still allowing residents the freedom to explore the grounds as they please.

We believe this is the start of a technological revolution when it comes to senior care. Too long have senior homes been left behind when it comes to the latest technology.

Continyou Care and the Future of Senior Care

At Continyou Care, our focus with our solutions is to serve senior homes by improving resident happiness, reducing staff turnover and connecting families. To address resident happiness/satisfaction, we offer table-side meal ordering with pictures to offer a personalized experience while collecting valuable data for the home. Additionally, by digitizing dietary needs and we eliminate the dangers of the “paper-and-pen” system which can be dangerous if the information is misplaced or redundant. Digital records mean that allergens and food preferences can be mapped in real-time to resident profiles and can be acted upon with less mistakes which minimize food wastage and costs.

Not only this, but our technology allows residents to have more choice and for staff to feel more confident and less stressed about making mistakes. Reducing staff turnover is a huge benefit because there is a lot of cost/time involved in hiring/training new staff constantly. Imagine a senior home in the future where, like Canada’s first ‘village’ for people with dementia, residents are able to go and explore the grounds as they please, while being able to safely choose their meal for the evening without staff having to worry about using the outdated “paper-and-pen” system ( to check for allergies, intolerances or any kind of dietary requirements).

Residents enjoy a better “human” experience through high-quality and efficient service from the staff as we streamline communication between different teams (culinary, admin, nursing, etc.). Managers use the data to implement top-down policies while creating accountability.

Canada’s first ‘village’ for people living with dementia features a “general store, hair salon, café and even a “farm”’. We believe Canada’s first ‘village’ will be quickly followed by many more. At Continyou Care, we look forward to being part of the technology wave coming into retirement homes. We want to continue to focus on using technology as a way to augment the “human” experience to create a high level of satisfaction among residents, staff and family alike!

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