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5 Tips to help with Teaching Technology to Residents

Posted on December 21, 2020 by Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, we’re excited by the influx of technology coming into resident homes across North America. Although a lot of this technology is designed to make the lives of the residents better in some capacity, the value of the technology often relies on the ability of the residents to use the technology. As such, we wanted to explore some practical tips to teach residents to make the most of the new technology being made available to them.

  1. Assess their prior knowledge

    If you’re teaching new technology to a resident, it’s important to have a grasp of what they do or do not already understand. It can be frustrating to be taught something basic when you already know how to do it, and many residents do have a good grasp of technology. So, make sure to ask lots of questions before to get an idea of what the resident does already know, and then build from there when teaching a new concept or idea.

  2. Keep things simple

    When teaching some new technology-wise to a resident, make sure to keep it simple. You may have a fantastic understanding of how to use this high-tech piece of equipment or a deep understanding of the analytical value of it for your business. However, that doesn’t mean that the resident actually needs to know the same amount as you and that the resident has the capacity to learn everything in a short amount of time. Make sure to keep it simple, stick to what the resident NEEDS to know to make the most out of the technology, and leave it at that.

  3. Be patient

    Some residents will pick things up faster than others. This concept doesn’t just apply to residents, it applies to everyone! Everyone learns differently, and it’s important to adapt and change the way you teach to each individual resident, when you have a grasp of what is and isn’t working. Also, it’s important to be patient when it comes to a resident asking questions. There are no bad questions, and the fact they are asking questions shows a willingness to learn. Questions are a critical part of the learning process!

  4. Go slowly

    We’ve covered keeping things simple and being patient, but you should also go slowly when introducing new concepts. Has a resident just learned the reasons why this new technology will benefit them, and how to use it? Can you give them a break before moving onto something completely different? Allow them a chance to grasp each individual technology before introducing something completely different. Try, where possible, to stick to one technology from start to finish instead of jumping around between different ones.

  5. Make it enjoyable!

    Find ways to make teaching a resident new technology fun! Don’t forget, what is normal for you might be difficult for a resident. We’ve got used to having all this amazing technology around us, but that may not apply for the resident you are teaching. Validate their excitement and interest and use it as a tool to help them learn.

Continyou Care

At Continyou Care, we’re proud and excited to be at the forefront of the technology that is revolutionizing resident homes. As a result of COVID-19, we’ve really focused on becoming a one-stop-shop for the technology needs for both LTC & Retirement Homes across Canada. In addition to streamlining your dining services, we can also help with recreation, digital signage, maintenance request tracking, and connecting family members with residents through our Family Portal. To learn how we can customize a solution for your home, click here.