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5 Reasons Why a Resident Would Choose a Retirement Home Over Other Options

Posted on January 20, 2023 by Continyou Care

Our latest blog looks at some of the things that residents and their families consider when looking at various retirement home options. Whether you provide certain services below can be the make-or-break between a resident choosing your retirement home or a different one!

Reason #1 – They want everything taken care of

Seniors these days are looking for retirement homes that can cater for all their needs. They want good food that considers their own dietary restrictions – be that allergies or medicine interactions.  Additionally, they want to be in a space that is social, comfortable & safe.

Reason #2 – They need a regular & active community 

It’s not just a place to live, it’s a community to live in. Offering recreational activities that go above and beyond say a single night a week together watching a movie can pay dividends. Make sure you’re offering a mixture of activities including fitness & well-being activities which show that you’re interested in keeping your residents active, social & healthy.

Reason #3 – It can be challenging for residents to live independently in their own homes, especially if their only real regular support is their spouse, who may also be of a similar age

It can be difficult for seniors to live in their own homes especially if they have mobility or medical issues. They are often looking for a safe space with the latest technology to ensure that they are kept safe. Things like automatic fall detectors are a good example – helping provide the resident with peace of mind that should something happen in their room, say during the night, a staff member will be immediately notified, and help will be on its way.

Reason #4 – A resident-centric place to live

Residents do not care about your bottom line or profits. They want to live in a place that feels resident centric. The best way to do this is to deliver care that is emotion-focused and connects with your residents in a human way, not treating them as a number or a “resident” in your home but as a person. This may sound simple, but too often are seniors or resident’s individual needs not looked after. This can include specific solutions for individuals that improves their quality of life and an individualized approach to all areas of your retirement home.

Reason #5 – Meal times are key

In various surveys of retirement homes residents and families often answer that food is in their top 1 or 2 priorities. But that doesn’t mean just ensuring that you serve good-tasting food, it’s the entire experience. This includes food that fits their preferences, and not being offered the same foods that they do not want to eat continuously (a solution to this is keeping resident profiles which show their dietary preferences). Another use for a resident profile is ensuring accuracy and helping to prevent costly mistakes such as serving food to a resident that could have an allergic or medicine-related interaction too. In addition, having staff that know the residents’ names and are able to spend time with them discussing their day while taking orders and serving (a resident-centric experience) is key. As food is so important, it’s crucial to elevate the entire dining experience.

Continyou Care

The entire Continyou Care solution is centred around creating a resident-centric experience for your residents while using data to ensure you do this in an efficient way that saves your retirement home money. This win-win solution to the operation of your retirement home can mean happy residents, staff and management. For more information, you can contact us for a demo!