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4 Ways To Increase A Retirement Home’s Profitability With Technology

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Continyou Care

In this latest article, we look at how you can use data to help reduce food wastage & the best ways of tracking all revenue – including guest meals – easily. You may be surprised how simple it can be – and how it can improve your overall profitability.

  1. Real-time data
    If you’re mid-service, as Bryan Simmons explains from his own experience with the Continyou Care solution, you may have prepared 90 chicken and 40 salmon meals based on historical data.  However, you can more accurately prep the correct number of meal options based on live data (which shows real-time numbers on what residents are choosing). This helps you, in real-time, see what is happening in your dining room. With infographics such as scrolling bars that show you exactly how many (in this example) chicken & fish have been ordered at that moment, you can react accordingly. 
  1. Reduce food wastage
    Many homes work off 4–6-week menu cycles. A useful feature from the Continyou Care platform is it allows you to look back and see exactly what you did in the previous weeks (what was prepared and how much was served). You can then use these insights to make a more informed decision helping to reduce food wastage by creating menu options more suited to your residents.  This in turn helps you make more data-centric decisions when ordering food from your supplier. The result of reducing food wastage is improving your overall profitability by helping to prevent over-ordering. 
  1. Billing made easy
    The Continyou Care solution has the ability to connect the front desk or concierge with the dining room.  For example, when a guest orders a meal or a resident orders non-standard menu items (not included as part of the monthly fees) like a glass of wine, the POS functionality can track this.  Whether they want to pay cash or bill to room, using the tablets in the dining room you can choose to finish the meal service, bill them, and then the system automatically notifies the front desk or concierge who can then take the appropriate steps to deal with that transaction. Bryan Simmons explains that in his experience, this helps with family members who pay when the resident wants to treat them. The solution also helps staff not miss that handwritten bill that staff scribbled down when they were busy with other tasks that then may have been forgotten by the end of the meal and the bill therefore never gets paid. 
  1. Simple to use
    What do you do if you’re the chef and the office manager is off, but you need to know the bar and dining room revenues along with the data on what needs to be prepped? The Continyou Care platform allows anybody with access (as long as they have access to a web browser and the internet), to access the data for themselves when they need to make decisions.

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