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4 Simple Ways Technology Can Significantly Improve Your Retirement Home

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Continyou Care


Smart and intuitive technology has become especially important in the healthcare field, making both retirement home staff and residents lives easier while also eliminating mistakes and miscommunication. With this in mind, here are 4 reasons why understanding and utilizing new technology can benefit your establishment.

1. Understand your residents’ needs better

Regularly collecting and analyzing data on your residents can be a great way to interpret how effective your day to day services and care are. Also, staying up to date with resident needs is not only key to running a successful retirement home, but essential for your resident’s overall health.  As a resident continues to live in a home and their health changes, for better or worse, they may be required to alter their diet, service instructions or allergy alerts. As their needs evolve, consider a solution that can be quickly updated and monitored which encompasses all of your resident’s needs.

2. Identify areas of improvement quickly  

Through the data collected via surveys, you are able to monitor your home’s level of service in various areas. This information can then be easily translated and communicated into a strategy for improvement.  Instead of monthly or quarterly survey on performance, why not collect feedback more regularly (ie. a few days a week after meals) so that improvements can be made faster. Early discovery of problems that are causing dissatisfaction or unhappiness, either at the staff or resident level, is crucial in stopping problems escalating to unmanageable levels.

3. Create new revenue opportunities

Using technology can be a major help in streamlining the order process with the ability for residents to directly place their orders using a resident-centric Point of Sale System.  It also allows you to quickly and easily add auxiliary services to your retirement home, using a system that the staff and residents are already comfortable with. For example, why not try out additional revenue streams such as snack carts, spa services and gift shops?

4. Improve the line of communication

Whether it is a new menu item, a change in daily activities or unique event, digital signage allows staff to quickly and easily change display information and keep residents informed. Gone are the days of posters having to be designed, printed, laminated and stuck up on walls, only to become obsolete quickly.  Digital solutions to in-house signage mean fast updates, fresh looks and effective communication. Perhaps you have decided to add that snack cart to your system – advertise it in your retirement home in minutes!

A critical component is finding one provider to meet your core technology needs.

This is where Continyou Care shines.

Continyou Care is a one-stop technology platform for retirement homes. We have been partnering with both retirement and long-term care homes for many years now.  Continyou Care’s fundamental existence has been centred around supporting homes and helping to improve the senior living experience. Our core offering is our Resident-Centric Point-of-Sale solution that helps streamline the meal order and fulfilment process while centralizing resident information (like preferences and allergens).  Alongside that, we offer complementary products like survey and digital signage that tie in well with the resident-centric POS.  With this complete solution, we are able to supply senior homes all that is required to succeed and work efficiently in the technology era.

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