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4 Reasons Why A Point of Sale (POS) System Will Increase The Profitability Of Your Dining Operations

Posted on April 16, 2023 by Continyou Care

Dining operations is a big cost centre for retirement homes – with food wastage & time inefficiencies in staff time usage resulting in non-optimal profitability there.  Here are four ways that a Point-of-Sale (POS) system can increase the profitability of your dining operations.

1. A POS system saves staff time

A point-of-sale system allows your staff to do their jobs more efficiently. Easy-to-use systems allow for easier ordering and communication with the kitchen, easier access to important information like resident dietary profiles (ie. allergens & restrictions) and help reduce the risk of costly (both time and money) mistakes. Time IS money, so being able to help your staff be more efficient will help your bottom line. If your staff are salaried, the time saved in dining operations can be used elsewhere in your retirement home. 

2. Personalize the dining experience

A POS system allows you to collect data on what residents are choosing for their meals. Instead of basing decisions on staff memory or anecdotal evidence, this allows you to make data-driven and informed decisions when ordering food, thus cutting down on food wastage in terms of food ingredient orders. Not only that, but these insights also allow your culinary team to create menus more tailored towards the tastes of individual residents and retirement homes, allowing you to create a bespoke experience for those in your community.

3. Reduce food wastage

Better data allows for less food wastage. By seeing in real time what people are eating, and monitoring what is going to waste, you can cut back on those ingredients and orders that are not being served on a plate. Great for your bottom line, and great for the environment.

4. Capture revenue being missed (via Yardi integration)

Guest meals and meal additions such as glasses of wine are often areas where potential revenue is missed, because this information is typically written down on a piece of paper & given to the finance team to input, which could result in incorrect amounts or even whole orders being lost altogether.  Using a POS such as Continyou Care, this information can be tracked digitally and sent seamlessly to the billing software that you have decided to employ in your home, which is commonly Yardi.

Continyou Care

For more information on how Continyou Care’s POS system (built specifically for the retirement home market) can improve the profitability of your retirement home with respect to your dining operations, book a demo today!