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16 Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandparents/Seniors

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Continyou Care

We have heard many stories of the incredible epidemic of Canadian seniors suffering from what is now being referred to as “Chronic Loneliness”. Although it would seem that seniors would be okay with spending time on their own or keeping things more low key- it begins to become a problem when that’s all they know.

Especially in long-term care facilities, since family members, responsibilities become less involved they also tend to make visits fewer and farther in between. Can you imagine being put in a place where you live the same routine each day and just hope for when you can see family or friends to do something different? If you have family, parents or grandparents in an LTC facility, here are 16 low investment and easy to do activities you can do with your senior friends!

  1. Light cardio based exercise
    Staying active, especially for seniors can be difficult. With physical setbacks, confidence levels and stability can sometimes be difficult. Light cardio and aerobic exercise videos or classes is a great way to get the heart rate up in a safe way and also relieve any stress on muscle and bones.
  2. Computer tasks
    Technology can sometimes be a major generational gap creator. Getting seniors onto a computer can help them learn new activities, create passion projects and have access to a world of information at their fingertips.
  3. Movies
    Whether you go to the cinema or just have a Netflix day, watching a movie is a great way to escape into your imagination for a couple of hours. Documentaries are also a great way to connect with events from the past which a senior may remember and could give you more insight on.
  4. Play in a theatre
    For may seniors, going to a play or musical used to be a regular and exciting activity. If there is a local theatre or student play you could attend it would be worth checking out!
  5. Help with housework
    No one really likes getting housework done, especially if your joints are tight and you can’t lift like you used to!
  6. Crafting/ Scrapbooking
    Great for those who are working through effects of Dementia. Creating a scrapbook of past memories and filling it with the stories they recollect is an amazing gift for them and their family and friends. Crafting also allows them to use their imagination and get creative!
  7. Going for a walk
    Even with a walker, scooter or wheelchair, it is 100% worth it to get out on a nice day for some fresh air and a fresh perspective!
  8. Running errands
    Getting out of the house is a great feeling. Getting groceries and running basic errands is something we take for granted as we become less mobile.
  9. Head to a local museum or art gallery
    There are always new and exciting exhibits coming to local museums which can make for an exciting afternoon out.
  10. Visit an animal shelter/ volunteer
    Many seniors respond very positively to animals of all kind. While it may not always be possible to have and maintain an animal of their own, a weekly trip to visit animals or walk dogs is a great way to stay connected.
  11. Start a Blog
    Seniors have so much to share! Many are also very interested in being apart of what the young kids are doing. Starting a blog is a great way to help them tell stories and share with family they may not speak to every day.
  12. Learn an Instrument/ teach what you know
    It is never too late to learn an instrument. If you know how to play one (or they do!) teach each other or learn together!
  13. Play a board game or tackle a puzzle
    Games aren’t played as much as they used to be. Grab a deck of cards or a board game and try not to get lost in Candyland!
  14. Listen to music and create playlists
    Music is such an excellent way to reconnect with memories and good times. Music is also a great way to occupy quiet space and change up your mood! With the apps we have today you can also help find some music they may not have heard in years!
  15. Visit Free events at a local library
    Libraries are always having interesting events and readings which allows you to get out and learn something new!
  16. Learn a new language
    Learning about different cultures, heritages and languages are so exciting! Try joining a class or even finding an online course you could take together!

Even if it isn’t a relative, Seniors are always interested and eager to be apart of new activities and outings!