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10 Famous Grandfluencers (Over 65 Years Of Age) On Social Media Today!

Posted on October 22, 2021 by Continyou Care

We’ve all heard of influencers, but what about “Grand Influencers”?  These are social media influencers who are older than 65 years of age.  We’ve provided a list of some of the most famous Grandfluencers out there today. These awesome individuals prove that age is no barrier when it comes to being an internet personality and hope that their accounts bring you some joy today!

  1. Dr Eva Mario Chapman (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter)

    Dr Eva Maria Chapman describes herself as an influencer and Grandmother who loves dancing and fun! Check out her page above, 12,000 people have already beaten you to it! 
  1. Dr Josefina (Facebook | Instagram)

    Dr Josefina has over 120k followers! You may know her from America’s Got Talent, and this 74-year-old bodybuilder has achieved things in bodybuilding that few have! 
  1. Sandra Sallin (Facebook | Instagram)

    Sandra Sallin is an 80-year-old pro aging artist who describes herself as the owner of way too many lipsticks! 
  1. Iris Apfel (Instagram)

    100 years old and with 2 million followers, Iris Apfel is one of the most followed influencers in the world! Fashion icon and interior designer, the American businesswoman Iris Apfel is a most follow.
  1. Lance Walsh (Instagram)

    Lance Walsh boasts nearly 50k followers, the elderly lover of the clothing brand Supreme found fame through fluke after a passing photographer snapped him in his full Supreme outfit, but he has impressed with his awesome pictures on social media featuring him in his favourite Supreme gear.
  1. Moon Lin (Instagram)

    Moon Lin has nearly broken the 100k mark. 93 years old and known for her cool streetwear style, this social media influencer is from Taiwan. Her awesome pics are not to be missed!
  1. Helen Ruth Elam (Instagram)

    Helen Ruth Elam is a real internet personality. She became popular on the internet at the grand age of 85! She has captured the hearts of the public with her awesome catchphrase – “Stealing Your Man Since 1928”. We love it, Helen!
  1. Shirley Curry (Instagram)

    Shirley Curry is an 82 year old Grandmother/gamer Mom! Proving that video games are for all ages, catch Shirley playing checking out the latest gaming gear and documenting her life on her Instagram
  1. Gramma and Ginga (Facebook | Instagram)

    Gramma and Ginga aren’t just ordinary sisters. They are 106 & 102 respectively! They are on a mission to spread joy with their hilarious videos!
  1. Joan MacDonald (Facebook | Instagram)

    Joan MacDonald believes it’s “never too late for anything or any change. Her life, health and fitness content is both inspirational and motivational!