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Your Meal Services Management

A meal service management platform and analytics tool built to help healthcare staff better serve patients or care home residents.


Your Process In Our Hands

With guided access, our simple and intuitive interface enables your staff to walk residents through all their options. All resident allergy and preferences are already embedded into the application, so your staff can process orders with confidence and make order adjustments in real-time. Processed orders are immediately sent directly to our kitchen application. As orders are handled, your staff are able to confirm their status on all levels: Ordered, Ready, and Complete.

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Improving Senior Care

Dietary And Nutrition Alerts

Our system was built to reduce errors. The most important function of our software is ensuring your staff know exactly what your residents can and cannot eat.

Meal Preferences

We like to set your staff up for smiles. With controls in place to allow for simple inputs, your staff can make sure every resident gets their meal served to them exactly how they like it.

Reduced Wait Time

Your residents have strict routines. We understand that any departure from that can be problematic, and success involves staying as on-track as possible. Our solution ensures all residents are served quickly at every meal.

Multilingual Solution

We just as focused on process improvement as we are on communication improvement. In many ways, they are the same problem. Our multilingual solution ensures all staff and residents can understand, interpret and make decisions using the ContinYou Care system.

Helping You Help Seniors


Our mobile solution streamlines your workflow so you can get your job done faster and better. Do more with your time.


Automated tools cut your costs and increase your profit simultaneously.

Resident Satisfaction

Reach new levels of customer satisfaction and retention



ContinYou Care enables staff to send order details directly to the kitchen with security and accuracy.

User Friendly

Clean interfaces and simple workflows let everyone on your team become a pro.

Improve Care

Monitor resident’s dietary, texture, fluid consistency, feeding aids and any allergens.


happy customer

Villa Colombo Vaughan

"We're faster, and more efficient. Continyou Care helps the staff and improves the quality of life for residents"

5/5 Stars!

happy customer


"With ContinYou Care, I am able to get food much faster to our clients and I am able to spend more time developing relationships with them. It's gratifying to see the smiles."

5/5 Stars!

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